Image Gallery

Photographs by JBMC

US Tuna Vessel Western Pacific in Cairns, Queensland. Fishingl ine fouling the propeller of 'Terminator'. Long line fishing vessel 'Terminator' on the Mary River Slipway, Maryborough, Queensland. Example of damaged timber planks being replaced.
The results of a houseboat fire Long Line timber vessel 'Sensation' at Ulladulla, NSW. Pilot vessel 'Governor Bourke' at Port Kembla, NSW 'Dolphin Watch' cruise vessel 'Tekin III' in Jervis Bay, NSW.
Fishing vessels in Belmore Basin, Wollongong, NSW. 'Josephine Jean' damaged wheelhouse windows. 'Josephine Jean' on the slipway at Eden, NSW. Liquid storage tanks damaged whilst under tow in the mouth of the Shoalhaven River, NSW.
'Shoalhaven Explorer' being removed from the water for transport to Melbourne. Damage to a Gardner Marine diesel engine piston. 'Petoni' aground at Bermagui, NSW. A vessel being slipped after sinking.
'Huon Petrel' rigged for Orange Roughy fishing at Eden, NSW. A timber vessel is slipped to remove the worm eaten keel. 'Catriona B' during a major refit in Eden, NSW. The recovery of 'Terminator' after a slipway rail collapsed.
'Western Pacific' with helicopter embarked in Eden, NSW. The loss of 'Sea - Key' at Narooma, NSW. 'Sovereign', Constitution Dock, Hobart Example of engine room